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8Pcs/Bag Herbal Rheumatism/Arthritis Therapy Patch

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There¡¯s Nothing Worse than Bad Knees! These?8Pcs/Bag Herbal Rheumatism/Arthritis Therapy Patch?provides?instant relief?from?Arthritis,?Aches, and?Pains. They cause?fast-acting,?long-lasting?pain and inflammation?relief?without any drugs,?chemicals, or?known side effects.

The Patches are made of?Natural Herbal Ingredients once?applied to the skin, are activated and energy from the ingredients are released to?support the body¡¯s?own innate,?natural healing process.

The Patches are specifically?designed for?maximum absorption?into the knees and joint?- so you can?feel the difference instantly. It¡¯s?so easy, and works?perfectly!


  • Reduces Pain?and?Inflammation?in?Minutes
  • Fast Acting,?Long-Lasting?Pain Relief?Without Any Drugs
  • 100% Natural Herbal-Infused?Rheumatism/Arthritis Pain Relief Patch
  • Convenient,?Easy?to Use, and?Keeps You Up?and?Running
  • Non-Toxic,?Odorless,?and?Safe?to Use
  • Portable?and?Discreet?for Use Anywhere/Anytime
  • Breathable,?Flexible,?and?Waterproof
  • No Side Effect


    1. Clean, and dry the affected area.
    2. Peel?off the sticky back.
    3. Apply the adhesive patch to the affected area to instantly activate the healing process.
    4. For best results, use 8-12 hours each time, 4-5 times per week.


    • Material: Natural Herbs Ingredients
    • Weight: 12g
    • Size: 7cm x 10cm


    • 1 x 8Pcs/Bag Herbal Rheumatism/Arthritis Therapy Patch

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